Dursban 200 EC

Dursban 200 EC is a contact and stomach poison in the form of a yellow concentrate that can be emulsified to control pests on corn, onion, chili, chrysanthemum flowers, green beans, peanuts, soybeans, coconut, oil palm, cabbage, pepper, Chinese cabbage, tobacco, tomatoes, carrots, and cocoa.

The insecticide Dursban 200 EC, which contains the active ingredient chlorpyrifos, has a wide range in terms of controlling caterpillar pests and ticks. To control pest attacks, Dursban 200 EC is able to protect plants effectively, but to get maximum results, you have to spray continuously every 7–10 days.

Besides being qualified to control pest attacks, Dursban 200 EC is also sold at an economical or affordable price for farmers.

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