Furadan 3 GR

Furadan 3 GR is a systemic insecticide in the form of purple granules used to control stem borers, worms, and ants on plant roots. Furadan can be sown before the seeds are planted so that the soil becomes more fertile and the seeds can grow well.

Active Ingredients :

  • Karbofuran 3%

Safety Instructions

When working with this product, including opening containers, moving, and mixing, do not eat, drink, or smoke, and wear rubber gloves, face shields, long-sleeved clothing, trousers, rubber boots, and covers. Do not spray against the wind. Before eating, drinking, or smoking and after work, wash hands and skin exposed to these products with soap and water.

Wash and clean all equipment and protective clothing that has been used. Keep this product in the original container, tightly closed, in a cool, locked place, out of reach of children, and away from foodstuffs and fire. Do not pollute ponds or waterways with this product or its used container. Do not enter the planting area that has just been sprayed before the spray drops have dried unless you are wearing protective clothing. Destroy the used container and plant it at least 0.5 meters deep in the soil in a place far from water sources.

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