Rizotin 100 EC

Rizotin 100 EC is a systemic insecticide that works as a contact and stomach poison. It has an active ingredient in the form of chypermethrin (Chypermethrin) 40%, which makes Rizotin able to eradicate insect pests effectively and efficiently. Used to control leaf-destroying pests such as armyworms, leafhoppers, walang, gasir, orong-orong, and other types of pests that disturb plants such as melons, grapes, chilies, grapes, tomatoes, long beans, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, mustard greens, and tobacco.

Rizotin 100 EC is a powerful and superior insecticide product produced by CV Uni Agro. It has a formulation form in the form of a yellow concentrate, which can be emulsified using water. Including insecticides classified as low doses that, when mixed with Metomil, will add up to a higher dose.

The way cypermethrin poison works is to quickly paralyze and kill insect pests, and its working power as a contact poison and stomach poison can cause insect pests to die after being hit by direct spray or touching or eating leaves or other parts of the plant being sprayed, so that plant pests can be completely controlled.

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