EM4 Pertanian

EM4 is an organic fertilizer that functions to improve the health and fertility of soil and plants by using microorganisms that are beneficial for plant growth. EM4 is a mixed culture of beneficial microorganisms originating from Indonesia, beneficial for soil fertility, plant growth, and production, and environmentally friendly.

EM4 contains fermenting and synthetic microorganisms consisting of Lactic Acid bacteria (Lactobacillus sp. ), Photosynthetic Bacteria (Rhodopseudomonas sp. ), Actinomycetes sp., Streptomyces sp., yeast (yeast), and Cellulose-degrading fungi to ferment soil organic matter into organic compounds that are easily absorbed by plant roots.

EM4 technology was first discovered by Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa from Ryukyus University, Okinawa, Japan, and has been widely applied in other countries around the world, such as America, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, and others.

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